How to Download and Install Python

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Python Download and Installation Instructions

This document shows downloading and installing Python on Windows Operating System.

How to Download Python ?

To download Python go to official Python download page and click on Download Python x.x.x yellow button. x.x.x stands for current version of Python to download.

How to Install Python in Window Operating System ?

After download the Python, the downloaded file name is python-x.x.x.exe it exists in your downloads folder. x.x.x stands for version of Python which you downloaded. Double click on this executable file and follow the instructions which is showing on the installation of Python.

Check the Add Python x.x to PATH checkbox, after some time Python installation complete. Congratulation you installed Python for Window Operating System.

Python installation has three main programs one is Python IDE named as Python IDLE and second one is Python Interpreter and third one is Python Launcher.

What is Python IDLE stands for ?

Python IDLE is Python's Integrated Development and Learning Environment.

What is an Interpreter ?

An interpreter is a program that reads and executes code. Interpreters read and execute code in a single step, they are useful for running scripts and other small programs.

What is Python Interpreter ?

The Python Interpreter is a program that reads and executes Python code.